I’m alive!

Hello again!  Had a bit of a rough week last week.  Started off with some bad stomach cramps and ended with some kind of cold virus/allergy combination.  Erik was sick too at the end of the week, which made for a pretty exciting weekend. The highlight was probably this bowl of soup (Yes I instagrammed this two weeks ago, it was so memorable we had to go back).  
I feel like I’m on the mend now though, and was able to go to Swedish class this morning. There is a new group of novices starting tomorrow so they asked some of us if we wanted to go to a more advanced class, and I decided to go for it.  The beginners’ class has been a little wonky, if you can call it that. New people start every two weeks so the lessons are all over the place, and there are many different levels in the class.  My closest friend in the class is a French lady so I am constantly switching back and forth between French, English, and Swedish.  It’s tiring but also really fun! I love hearing all of the side conversations in different languages, it’s like a mini-UN. I’m enjoying learning Swedish and interested to see what it will be like at the next level.

As far as my health, things are about the same. Some things have improved and others have started to bother me more.  I started on a new regimen today (on top of the antibiotics I will be continuing), that is prescribed by a chiropractor and natural medicine doctor out of Wisconsin.  Being a chiropractor, he has a slightly different perspective on things, and treats Lyme by giving the body the building blocks it needs to strengthen itself and kill off the lyme naturally (you can watch his videos here: http://lindsleychiropractic.com/videos.php). He has a really good success rate and has treated contacts of mine, so I’m feeling optimistic that this regimen will give me the strength I need to finish this thing off fast! 

I also added a page on my website that attempts to demystify chronic Lyme. I definitely don’t have all the answers but that’s my best stab at it, with all that I’ve learned over the past few months. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts: Chronic Lyme FAQs.

That’s it for now! Hope everyone is having a lovely December and peaceful Advent season.


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