Some Changes

I’m off antibiotics! Unfortunately it’s not because I’m recovered, but because I just couldn’t deal with the side effects any longer. I had been on 3 different antibiotics at a time for two months, and my body just said enough. It came to a head last week when I was so bloated I felt like someone had blown up a balloon inside of my abdomen, and it lingered for the better part of two days, preventing me from sleeping and going to class. It was so miserable, and it left me feeling like I don’t even know what to eat anymore. As it is, I’m on a fairly restricted diet – no gluten, no sugar, no dairy, no alcohol. So I end up eating a lot more complex foods – I have lentils, brown rice and vegetables for lunch now when I would have been eating a sandwich a year ago. This episode left me feeling like if my body can’t even digest that food now, I have no idea what I’m supposed to eat.

Additionally, after two months of antibiotics, I felt like I was getting slightly better, but not enough where I could foresee going off them anytime soon (based on a clearing of symptoms). I know it is a common way to treat chronic Lyme, but from the research that I’ve done online over the past couple months, and the people that I’ve talked to, I don’t hear a lot of success stories. That, combined with my body’s reaction, told me that I had to stop, and take my chances on another mode of treatment.

After talking with my doctor, we agreed that the antibiotics tract is not working out, and to switch to something else. So from here on out, I’m pursuing a strictly herbal regimen. Luckily for me, I had started this regimen a couple weeks prior, and since it was already in place, my doctor was able to give me the green light to cut out the antibiotics completely. I am hoping and praying for a quicker and easier recovery on this regimen, and ask you to keep me in your thoughts and prayers too.

As for my stomach, it has gradually been feeling better and better, and I’m feeling pretty normal now. I’m amazed at how quickly I can go from feeling horrible to feeling mostly normal again every time. I take it as a good sign that my body is strong and more than equipped for the fight.

Erik had the day off of work yesterday, and we were able to take on a bunch of fun winter activities in the city. We even had Indian food for lunch and no problems!


Happy faces on the Monday train to not work!

Never met a dalahäst I could resist sitting on

My favorite animal at the zoo

Thawing my frozen fingers

Ice skating at Kungsträdgården


And last but not least… my boyfriend, the very amateur figure skater 😂😂 Who then passed out on the couch at 6:30pm.



Thanks for reading, and hoping that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays with their loved ones.


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