Home Sweet Home

I’m finally back in Minnesota, after a transatlantic voyage and a week in Florida. I still can’t get over how far you can go in so little time in this day and age. As I changed planes in Iceland, I thought to myself, what a wonderful and strange time that we can cross the world in a single day. I think about the immigrants that I’ve been reading so much about, and how it took them several months to go the distance that I covered in 11-ish hours. They traveled by horse, boat, train and finally by foot to get to their final destination, and all I had to do was move my butt from one plane to another plane, and I was home. It’s crazy. I don’t think I can ever get used to that.

And then came the jet lag. It wasn’t too bad this time as I went pretty much straight to Florida, which is 6 hours different from Sweden instead of 7. At the beginning it was a drag because I was so tired, but I kind of liked it because I felt like a part of me was still in Sweden. After having fully adjusted, I can’t help but feel a little sad that I’m completely in a different world now. Everything over there seems that much further away.

But, it’s nice to be in one’s home country. For starters, I can effortlessly speak the language and pay with a single swipe of my credit card. In Europe, since I didn’t have a pin number, I had to show my residence card every time and sign the receipt. Everyone else is so high-tech there that the cashiers were always so confused when I showed up with my complicated protocol.

And of course it’s nice to see friends and family, and Mr. Gus. Although he doesn’t look it in the photo, he was actually really happy to see me.

To avoid losing my mind and keep me distracted from my illness, I’m making some goals for how to spend my time over the next couple months. They include daily yoga, continuing my Swedish studies, and continuing to build up this blog. I’m planning on writing at least 3x a week at the beginning, starting hopefully with this week. So keep an eye out for more content, and please subscribe to my blog (link on the top right on web, or pop-up on bottom if you’re viewing on a phone) or follow me on Twitter for all of the updates! I will probably make a Facebook page at some point too, but for now you can follow along on my personal page. I’m excited to spend more time writing, and thankful for the time to pursue one of my passions, albeit under less than desirable circumstances.

As always, thanks for reading, and we’ll talk tomorrow!


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