Fridays: Curtain’s Kitchen

Welcome to Curtain’s Kitchen, a weekly series on what I’m cooking every week! Because I have Lyme, I try to avoid gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol and most processed things as they are either a) inflammatory or b) feeding bacteria. It may sound impossible to cook things satisfying all those criteria, but it just takes a little research and preparation. The most important thing is to vary it up from week to week, so you don’t end up eating a chicken breast and steamed veggies day after day. Luckily I like to cook, and I have the time since I’m not working, so I think it’s fun!

I had Erik eating this way in Sweden, and my parents eat this way too now, and we’ve all noticed how good we feel after eating like this. Even if you’re not restricted for health reasons, I would recommend giving it a try once in a while, just to see how you feel.

P.s. I think there enough bloggers that take step-by-step photos while they cook (most of the ones I link to do that), so I’ll let them do that and I’ll just take a picture of the finished product 🙌🏻.
Meal #1: Coconut Curry Chicken – I use this recipe, and then sautée a bunch of chicken cubes in olive oil in another frying pan. At the same time, sautée a bunch of veggies (Trader Joes makes a good frozen mix), and cook some brown rice. Combine at the end for a delicious meal!

Meal #2: Against All Grain’s Coconut “Breaded” Chicken Fingers, but with Cod (equally as yummy) + sweet potatoes and roasted broccoli

Meal #3: Lemony Chicken Kale Soup – so perfect for the borderline chilly weather we’ve been having (although it’s going to get much worse next week 😱😱😱). Pairs well with a Winter Read 😊

Meal #4: Braised Apple Chicken – Taken from the Microbiome Diet, but this is similar. With roasted potato wedges, YUM.

Snack: Green Goddess Dressing – used this as a salad dressing 1x, and then as a veggie dip for the next few days

Dessert: No-Bake Sunbutter Crunch Bars – can’t even describe how happy I was to see these made refined-sugar, dairy and gluten free! They were my favorite childhood dessert and even now I think they’re pretty perfect.

What have you guys been cooking?? Any favorite winter-time recipes I should know??


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