This Weekend’s Events

What a weekend. I stayed up fairly late on Saturday night watching what was happening at airports around the U.S. I sat in my bed with tears in my eyes for the families that thought they were coming to a safe place, only to have their hopes dashed at the last second. I sent an email to this organization to see if there’s anything I can do.

I was planning on writing a post about Lyme for today but I think there are more important things going on in the world, that we need to think about. The way that events unfold over the next few weeks will shape the America that we will become, and it is important to have an informed opinion. 

I don’t claim to be an expert, but since I lived in Sweden for a few months (where they have taken in 100,000 Syrian refugees), I encountered quite a few refugees there. I wrote this on Facebook yesterday, but I’ll copy it here for anyone who is interested. Regardless of your opinion, please say an extra prayer for the people that are hurting around the world tonight, and think about what you can do to make it better. 

P.s. A horrifying but important podcast on the subject, from a couple weeks ago. 


My heart breaks reading about the immigration ban. In my time in Sweden I went to Swedish class with people from all nations and backgrounds – Syrians, Iraqis, Iranis, Palestinians and more. In fact, our class was taught by an old Syrian man named Hassen who had made a life for himself in Sweden – he had been there for 43 years and counting. I talked to most of my classmates one-on-one at some point and they showed me nothing but respect and friendship despite the ongoing conflicts between our nations. It would have been easy to target me with a nasty comment as I was the only American in class, but no one ever did.

At one point we were practicing Swedish by discussing health, a seemingly easy topic for most people. Although I didn’t exactly feel like sharing, I don’t know how to lie so I told my classmates that I have Lyme and I haven’t been well for awhile, but I’m working on it. My classmate from Iraq looked me in the eyes and said in broken English that he sincerely hoped I would feel better soon. 

The people that support this ban have never had to look someone of an opposing background or race in the eye, or have a basic conversation with them. If they had, they would not be able to turn these poor people who are just like us, away. I understand there are risks, but there are risks with anything in life. It’s risky to leave your house now, when there are Americans shooting up movie theaters, churches and nightclubs. It doesn’t mean we’re allowed to give in to the fear and turn our backs on people without other options. 

It’s a shameful time for our country, but our generation will be in charge soon. Let’s make sure we know how to lead when that time comes. 

If you have an idea on how to help, please post it here. 😊


One thought on “This Weekend’s Events

  1. SammyandSufi says:

    Beautiful post, I personally joined protestors at my local airport (MI) DTW yesterday to voice my support for what the USA stands for, these are dark times and we should not give in to fear and hatred. Imagine a country of 10 milion takes in more refugees than the USA, sad times.

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