Day in the Life: 2/1/2017

People probably wonder what I do every day, waiting to get better. I’ve tried to be really vigilant in not letting myself get lazy, and try to keep myself occupied with small things every day. Fortunately I am not nearly as bad off as some, who can’t leave their beds, or are in horrible pain.  On a day like the one described below, I was very active, and was able to have a pretty normal day. However, I was exhausted the next day. It’s for this reason I have to consciously remind myself to allow time for rest, and not over-plan.

P.s. If you wanted to know what Gus (my dog) did all day, please scroll to the end. 

Curtain’s Day

6:45 Wake up and am unable to fall back asleep due to Lyme brain (and body). My mind is racing and body is feeling restless. Happy though because since I passed out at 9:30 the night before, I got quite a bit of sleep. Try to make my body rest for a little longer regardless. Text my boyfriend in Sweden “God morgon!” Of course it’s already 2pm there which is so weird.

7:15: Decide to get up. Take my first herbal concoction of the day: a combination of formulas 1 & 3 (how brave new world does that sound) and uva ursi. It tastes like the worst liquor you could imagine but I’ve gotten used to it and don’t really notice the taste anymore. 

7:30: Set up my yoga mat and fill up my glass with the second concoction of the day: L-Glutamine. Set timer for ten minutes – I have to space out all of the herbs that I take. Shove Gus off my mat and get started with Day 13 of Yoga with Adriene’s 31 Day Yoga Revolution. This is my third week on the program but I’ve been giving myself the weekends off because my body is so tired after 5 days of (mild/moderate) exercise. If you like yoga, I’d recommend checking out Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube – she has a lot of really good videos!

8:00: Yoga is done, plop down in front of the tv to see what crazy political news has happened since last night. See an interesting interview with Bush’s education secretary. After that’s over, I go to prepare my breakfast. I’ve been in an egg phase this week so I scramble two eggs in coconut oil. I also wash some blueberries and put them in a bowl with kefir (a great source of good gut bacteria). I turn the kettle off and pour water over a teabag of Tazo Green Ginger tea. I just started it this week and it’s pretty good. I drink mostly herbal teas now, as caffeine irritates my bladder, but I find I can tolerate green tea pretty well and it’s nice to get a little caffeine zing. I relax in front of the tv with my tea for 30 mins or so.

8:50: Get ready for the day which consists of brushing my teeth, pulling on a t-shirt and a clean pair of sweatpants, and pulling my hair back into a ponytail. Since I’ve been home I haven’t been wearing much makeup, which is really nice to just let my skin breathe. The main reason for this is I am too tired at the end of the day to wash it off. But if anyone asks I’m sticking with “female empowerment.”

9:00: Spend a few minutes making sure my blog post for the day went up, and there are no issues. Check my tweets and see it’s published there as well. Glance over tweets to see if there’s anything to respond to, or any interesting articles to read. 

9:30: Remember I need to make tikka masala paste because I’m making dinner with my friend Ana tonight. Look up the recipe on Pinch of Yum and get started. I put on The Current and listen to their coffee break as I chop onions, press garlic, squeeze a lemon and measure out spices. It is all done in 45 mins or so. There is not a day that goes by without me cooking something new, but I really enjoy it. The paste makes enough for eight meals’ worth of chicken tikka, which is really nice. I divide the sauce into eight little baggies for future use. 

10:30: Spend an hour looking at bloggers I follow on WordPress and in my Feedly account. Like and write comments, brainstorm things that I can write about in the coming weeks, and flag recipes that I’d like to try. I also check twitter again which is mainly full of retweets of Donald Trump’s MLK day speech. I remember that I never took my probiotics so I go to the fridge and take those. 

11:30: My stomach is a little off, and I’m feeling tired already. My stomach has been a little off for the past few days and I don’t know why. I heat up some leftover soup and hope that that will take care of it. I have soup for lunch like 85% of the time now. I guess I like to make it, and it’s easy to freeze, so we always seem to have some on hand. When I was cooking for two we always had leftovers, and I would eat that the next day, but now that I’m cooking for three we don’t seem to have much left. Oh well, soup is easy and healthy!

11:40: Receive an email that I get to choose my book of the month, a new club that I joined! Get super excited and read all about the books as I eat my lunch. 

12:00: Finished with lunch and still feeling super tired. Amble upstairs to lie down so my body can rest for a while before I have to head out. I started a new herb two days ago and I think it might explain why I’ve been so tired the past couple days. I hope it’s because my body is using it to fight extra hard against the Lyme! I write the recount of my day so far. I take my lunch time supplements – vitamins C, D, zinc and a digestive enzyme. 

12:30: Melt completely into bed with the book I’m currently reading, “Bite Me” by Ally Hilfiger. It’s her story of how she struggled with and ultimately beat Lyme disease. It’s an easy read and has a lot that I can identify with.

1:30: Chat with boyfriend over WhatsApp. We try to talk every day before he goes to bed. Talking to him is often the highlight of my day, and then I get sad knowing he’s going to bed and we won’t talk again until tomorrow. We’ve started speaking a little Swedish (some days more than others). Thanks Duolingo!

2:15: Jump in the car to go to the Swedish class that I just started at the American Swedish Institute. I bring all of my herbs with me in case I am out too late and need to take them. I realized I forgot my lunch-time dose of uva ursi but it is too late now. Oh well. 

2:45: Arrive at the ASI. Get halfway through the building before the thought of not locking my car enters my lyme brain. I mull it over for a few minutes but end up going back out to lock a probably already locked car.

3:00: Class starts. I love Swedish class and the other ladies in class are hilarious. The hour and a half flies by. We go over time but nobody cares and we stay and hang out for a few more minutes.

4:45: I get in my car and text with my friend Ana, who I’m meeting for dinner. She is working late so I decide to head to a cafe to read for a bit before I head over to her place. I end up going to Dunn Brother’s (a Minnesotan chain) and pulling out Ally Hilfiger’s book on Lyme. I read for about half an hour, and do a Swedish lesson on Duolingo before I head to Ana’s.

6:00: Head to Ana’s, hauling all of my dinner supplies and vials of herbs with me. We cook Chicken Tikka Masala together which is DELICIOUS. Catch up about everything that’s happened over the last few months as I haven’t seen her since October. We’ve known each other for a very long time and have lots to catch up on!

9:15: Get in the car and head home. I put the current on and the drive goes fast. 

9:45: Two hours have passed since dinner so I can take my first dose of herbs. Wait ten minutes and I take the powdered L-Glutamine. Get ready for bed. Get sucked into Ally Hilfiger’s book and plow through the last 75 pages. Sometimes the herbs give me a little boost and it’s hard to fall asleep, but I’m lucky to have a good book to read. I also fill in my symptoms for the day.

11:30: I’m up late, and I wonder if Erik is up for the day yet, so I text him. He is! Just making coffee. It’s so weird. I put down my book and tell him goodnight, and turn out the light.

It’s my life lately and it’s a good life. I hope that someday soon things will go back to normal, but for now I am pretty darn lucky! Now onto the real story…

Gus’s Day:


Gus can’t go about his day without a morning sun salutation. 


(I tucked him in for effect)


He was having fun until I took out my phone and he totally posed for this picture. 

It’s a dog’s life. 


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