Updates and Reading Lately

Hello, it’s me! It’s been a little while since I last wrote. I was on vacation in Florida at the end of February/beginning of March, and then a mental vacation the past couple weeks. I’ve been trying to figure out how best to use this blog since I started it, and you’ve probably noticed that the frequency and topics have changed quite a bit since the beginning. Basically I figured out I don’t want to be a typical “blogger.” I hate taking photos of my food (it takes too long and I just want to eat it), I am awkward at/don’t love spending all my time on social media, and I’m just generally a private person who doesn’t want to share everything all the time. However, I do love to write, and would like to continue using this blog as a place to express my thoughts and emotions as I continue my journey through Lyme, and also to update you all on how it’s going. I’ll plan on posting about once a week. Sound good?

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Now that that’s settled, some updates here… It has already been almost six weeks since my last doctor’s appointment! That means I am due for a check-up, and heading back across the border on Wednesday. To be honest, I don’t feel very different from how I did six weeks ago, but I know that this is a journey and I have to be patient. I will also be getting the results of my labs back at this appointment so I’m eager to see what we find out from those. I did a food allergy test and a fairly extensive blood test – mainly looking for potential issues with my thyroid. I’m very curious about the food allergy test as my digestive system hasn’t been functioning so well lately, and it’ll be interesting to see if there are any foods that are potentially a problem that I haven’t been looking at. I’m basically preparing a list of questions a mile long – all things that have come up in the six weeks since I last saw the doctor, and I hope we’ll have time to get to all of it. 

Other… I’ve been reading so much lately! Honestly part of the reason I haven’t been writing so much is I’ve been so caught up in everything I’m reading. I joined this book subscription club which is great and I would recommend. So far I’ve read Pachinko, about Koreans living in Japan, and now I’m reading Exit West, about refugees from the Middle East. I’ve seen a lot of books about immigrants and international relations coming out lately, which is great to see. I also read The Nightingale by Kristin Lee Hannah about the French resistance during WWII. These are all fiction reads but close enough to reality, and have been really enlightening.

On the Lyme front, I’ve been reading a lot as well. I read Unlocking Lyme by Dr. Bill Rawls, which is probably my favorite book I’ve read on Lyme so far (and I’ve read quite a few). Dr. Rawls was an OBGYN, and came down with Lyme in the middle of his career. He was forced to take a step back from practicing and learned all about medicinal herbs and other natural ways of healing to eventually get his life back. He has now become an evangelist for natural healing methods, and has his own herbal supplement company. His book is an easy, informative read for anyone looking to learn more about Lyme – why it is so prevalent now, how it functions as a disease, and how to outsmart it. I will be using it as a reference throughout my recovery, I’m sure.

I’m also in the middle of Stephen Buhner’s Healing Lyme Disease Coinfections. Buhner is probably the foremost expert on herbal treatment of Lyme, and his books are encyclopedias of information. I have the e-book version from the library right now, so I’m highlighting and screenshotting like mad, but I’ll probably end up buying it because it’s so useful. He goes into great detail about how the co-infections of Lyme function – where they get their nutrients from and how they cause damage, and then details herbal remedies to shut the disease processes down. He goes into greater detail about the functions of different herbs than anyone else I’ve read, and it’s a very helpful guide to have on hand. Many people have treated themselves using the protocols he outlines on his website and in his book.

Finally, I’ve been reading Life-Changing Foods by Anthony William. If you have any kind of ailment that you haven’t received a solution for, this book is for you. Each page focuses on a specific fruit or vegetable and talks about its benefits, and what conditions and symptoms it helps to treat. He also includes a lot of recipes to easily and deliciously incorporate these foods into your diet. I’ve already made a long list relevant to my particular symptoms, and am looking forward to incorporating more of those foods into my diet. I like the book because he really emphasizes that as long as it’s coming straight from the earth, there’s no “bad” food.  Everything contributes to the healthy functioning of the human body in some way.

So yeah, I guess I’ve been busy! I’ll be back next week with updates from my appointment. Thanks for reading!


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