About Curtain

Hi, I’m Kirsten! Or Curtain, a nickname that I have become rather fond of.

In 2015, my health started suddenly deteriorating. I pushed it to the back burner until it became impossible to ignore and I was forced to quit my job and move back in with my parents until I could get some answers. Over the years I have seen dozens of doctors and specialists of all different disciplines, but didn’t find hope or recovery until I found the GAPS diet in the summer of 2017. I started implementing it in September 2017, and will be chronicling this ever-evolving journey to healing here on my blog.

Why a Swedish curtain? I met my Swedish boyfriend in August 2015, and finally moved permanently to Sweden in November 2017. I am actually 25% Swedish, (my great-grandfather emigrated in 1911), so this place has always held a special place in my heart, and it feels amazing to live here now.

Apart from all that, I am 28 years old, love dogs, books, records, turtleneck sweaters and finding new healthy recipes. Thanks for stopping by!