About Curtain

Hi, I’m Kirsten! Or Curtain, a nickname that I have become rather fond of.

In 2015, my health started suddenly deteriorating. I pushed it to the back burner until it became impossible to ignore and I was forced to quit my job and move back in with my parents until I could get some answers. My journey has involved being diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease, taking loads of antibiotics, and then loads of herbs, implementing various diets from Paleo to GAPS, and finally learning how to heal from the inside out as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I am currently in the middle of my training to become an NTP, and will be chronicling what I’m learning and how it’s helping my healing process on this blog.

Why a Swedish curtain? I met my Swedish boyfriend in August 2015, and finally moved permanently to Sweden in November 2017. I am actually 25% Swedish, (my great-grandfather emigrated in 1911), so this place has always held a special place in my heart, and it feels amazing to live here now.

Apart from all that, I am 28 years old, love dogs, books, records, turtleneck sweaters and finding new healthy recipes. Thanks for stopping by!